Kevin is a modern-day voice actor with a classic sound. With over 15 years experience, he’s known for his documentary work on The National Geographic Channel, REELZ TV and PBS. Kevin can also be heard regularly on radio stations throughout the country as “the voice of the station.” His most prolific work, though, is in automotive. From New York to LA and Houston to Chicago, Kevin’s automotive voice is heard from coast to coast. Kevin is also proud to be a regular narrator for Apple, Verizon, Pizza Hut and Pepsi. These clients really appreciate Kevin’s warm, natural and friendly narration to convey the intended message. Kevin’s story-telling voice has been heard by millions of children as the narrator for The Bible App for Kids – with an astounding 20 million-plus downloads worldwide. And if you’ve rented a car lately, chances are you’ve heard Kevin. For over a decade, Kevin has been the national phone voice for Enterprise Rent-A-Car.