About Kevin

About Kevin

Kevin Kilpatrick is dynamite behind the mic. Not only is he a passionate and talented narrator, but he is also an accomplished performer who continues to help clients bring their stories and visions to life. His background in theatre and radio has helped him build the framework in his career as a professional voice over actor. Kevin’s quick improvisational skills, versatility, and believability in every session, continues to be the driving force in his stunning performances.

He also knows a great deal about the automotive industry. Growing up with a dad who was a diesel mechanic, Kevin was always around cars and trucks. That might not be a big deal to some people, but this continues to be a driving force in all his automotive reads. Kevin not only has the deep and powerful voice to grab a listener’s attention fast, but the knowledge you need when communicating to your consumers.

Another fun fact about him is that he is an avid sports fan. If you can’t find Kevin in the booth, chances are you will find him on the golf course, tennis courts or ball field. The thrill and grit of the game always keeps him on the field. Want to talk sports? Kevin is the guy you want to chat with, preferably over a nice glass of bourbon.

A Man of Many Talents:

When you’re searching for the right voice actor to tell your story, finding someone who can properly deliver the message you’ve worked so hard to create is crucial. As an award-winning theatre actor, Kevin Kilpatrick knows how to bring the heat to any given project. It’s not just about what you say, it’s about how you say it, and Kevin always goes above and beyond to make sure every client is getting exactly what they need in every take. Audio quality must be on point in today’s world. And as a skilled producer, Kevin has helped finalize audio and video for countless companies in need of extra assistance to finalize projects. With access to thousands of sound effects, an extensive music library, and the latest edition of Pro Tools software for audio editing, Kevin has you covered from start to finish. His audio editing skills have helped many clients take their project to the next level. By carefully crafting each commercial with a keen eye and sharp ear, Kevin will definitely add that final touch you need to finalize your audio or video. Kevin is available for all your audio and video editing needs. Contact him here.

Available For:

If you would like a custom audition or quote, please contact me through email using kkvoguy@gmail.com or simply submit the form below.