Corporate Narration


Kevin Kilpatrick – Corporate Narration

Corporate Narration is exactly as it sounds, narration for the corporate world. Whether it’s for a meeting, new product demos, or a conference, corporate narration can be found everywhere. The easiest way to get a wealth of information out quickly to people either in or outside of the company effectively is by using a video. The information in this video will need to be narrated, thus, the voice you choose is incredibly important. Depending on the information needing to be shared, this video could be on your social media, website, business portals, and internal message boards. Choosing a voice that is commanding yet engaging is key to a successful corporate narration. Kevin has years of experience with Corporate Narration as well as other informative types voice overs. E-learning is somewhat similar to this genre in that both require the ability to interpret the copy in a way that informs the listener while keeping their attention. Along with his Corporate accolades with companies like Kia, Samsung, and Heineken, he has also provided E-Learning narration for Apple, Pepsi, Verizon, and Disney! This experience gives him an edge in the business, and his smooth, relatable voice is the perfect fit for engaging the masses.

Voice Over in the Corporate World

Large Corporations have more to worry about than just customers. They also discuss important details with other businesses, shareholders, and investors. These examples are just outside the company. Internally, corporations need to keep staff up to date with new policies and safety regulations and make sure employees get recognition for their work through announcements and celebratory events. This information is crucial in making sure the company runs smoothly and continues to make a profit. Do not trust this work to someone who does not have experience. You need to invest in skilled voice artists who know what they are doing.

This is where Kevin comes in. Kevin has decades of experience as a voice over artist. Outside of work, Kevin is a friendly guy who takes pride in his work. He knows what it takes to speak at someone’s level to educate, or he can take on a more authoritative tone to express the importance of certain information. You want someone capable of delivering on all ranges of the vocal spectrum, and Kevin is the way to go. You need someone experienced, like Kevin, to ensure your information is delivered successfully.

Success in the Corporate World

If you want to make a good impression, you need to come across as approachable. However, depending on the message, sometimes approachable just isn’t an option. How do you walk that fine line between maintaining authority and likeability? Find a voice you can trust. For a business meeting presentation, your voice should be informative. For a company wide safety update, your voice should sound urgent yet collected. If you are sending a video to describe the company to investors, the voice should be excited to talk about what the script says and stay on brand for your business’s mission. Get a voice that is versatile and dynamic. Trust Kevin to deliver your copy and information expertly regardless of the medium or reason.

What Comes Next Working with Kevin

Kevin was a class clown in his youth. You may wonder why that matters when talking about Corporate narration, but the key to this type of work is being able to connect with people. Getting someone’s attention and keeping it throughout the entirety of the content is a vital part of successful narration. Kevin knows how to be the center of attention, and being able to make people laugh shows that he can read a situation and act accordingly. These skills started early and have had decades to become perfected through his years of work. Working with Kevin means quick turn around times to keep up with a fast-paced environment. It means delivering a message the exact way you intend regardless of the tone or style. Kevin is not new to this game, so trust him to be professional, adaptable, and, most of all, engaging. Send him a message and chat about how to create your next Corporate Narration.