Kevin Kilpatrick E-Learning

As a working voice actor for one of the biggest E-learning providers in America, Kevin loves narrating. Being able to continually learn while teaching others is one of his favorite aspects of the industry. He finds the work extremely rewarding as educating others is something that comes from the heart. He prides himself on being able to show that love for knowledge in every read.

Being a lifelong learner himself, Kevin knows the importance of delivering audio that will increase learner retention. As soon as someone hits play to begin your online course, you want seamless audio quality, a pleasant tone, and an appealing read for them to take part in. Luckily, Kevin has all bases covered!

Kevin has done narration globally for many well-known companies such as Apple, Pepsi, Verizon, Disney, and OSHA to name a few. His friendly, conversational, and appealing tone is perfect in creating material that is clear and precise for the audience you are wanting to teach.

Why E-learning?

Academic courses and corporate training programs are second to none in today’s society, and whether people would like to admit it or not, the brain craves knowledge. With a high demand for learning, and the face-paced nature of technological advancement, it is vital to keep content flowing for people all around the world virtually.

Along with the technology side of things, we live in a hectic world, and, unfortunately, we need to be up to date on new protocols and information. From e-learning courses on pandemic awareness, how-to’s on managing live shooter situations, and disgruntled employees, to medical narration and chemical safety courses, Kevin has been the voice to instruct thousands of people in many online programs over the years.

Delivering learnable content effectively is Kevin’s top priority for your e-learning program. With his effective teaching abilities and caring vocal style, you are sure to boost employee engagement, gain revenue per employee, boost productivity, and possess a much faster learning curve with your intended audience in every course.

Don’t Underrate the Smoothness of a Strong Voice

Kevin has a deep, strong, and smooth voice, but don’t be misled, he can also deliver the comforting and nurturing tones you are searching for in order to gain the trust of your listeners. Trust, along with respect, are two important aspects of the learning environment. When this is accomplished with the right voice, you will keep interest levels up throughout your program.

Bottom line, you need someone who can relay the information you need in a way that is memorable for the audience. Keeping a robust learner engagement is top priority when creating a flourishing e-learning program for your viewer. This is why Kevin is continually studying his craft as a professional voice actor. He knows that the success of each e-learning program is of critical importance and is continually studying HIS craft to ensure the overall success of your academic courses. His dedication to continually learn and grow as a narrator has allowed him to continually present material that keeps the listener transfixed within the story of every script.

It’s More Than Just Reading

There is a lot more that goes into narrating an e-learning course than just reading.

There is still a need for an authoritative and professional narrator, but the real quality you want from your voice actor is for them to be able to give a true and authentic read while entertaining the audience.

To accomplish this, your voice actor needs strong acting chops in order to grab the attention of your viewers. Within the course material, the voice over should adopt character voices, vary their inflection, and create a tone that is engaging and relevant to the program.

Living a life on stage while also having an academic background in theatre, Kevin has a plethora of delivery styles in his tool belt. This alone ensures the success of your program. If you are in need of having a voice actor who is genuinely interested in learning and teaching instructional material, be sure to contact Kevin today to get started on your next e-learning project.