Audio Hardware

Kevin primarily voices with a Manley Reference Cardioid Microphone, warmed up with an Avalon VT 737sp channel strip. Also available: Sennheiser 416 and Rupert Neve Portico pre-amp.


Kevin voices from a state of the art, custom built sound booth from The booth’s exterior measures 5 ft by 7 ft.; the rectangular shape chosen to reduce the amount of reverberant “bounce” you would get compared to a square booth. Kevin’s particular booth is similar to ones built for Lady Gaga, Donny Osmond and Mariah Carey.

Audio Software

Kevin uses the latest edition Pro Tools software for audio editing, equipped with over 100 audio sweetening plugins. Current Plugins include the Izotope Noise Reduction Suite, featuring a declicker, decrackler, declipper, denoiser, hum removal and spectral repair.