TV Affiliate

TV Affiliate

Kevin Kilpatrick – TV Affiliate

TV affiliate voice over sounds more complicated than it is. Simply put, this type of voice over is the voice of the television news station. The role of the TV Affiliate is to make announcements for the station, promote local events, and deliver Public Service Announcements among other things.

The TV affiliate voice represents the brand of the station. It adds personality and sets the tone for how the audience should feel and react

Why the Voice Matters

There are a few things to consider when finding the voice for your station: availability, adaptability, and experience. This is an incredibly fast paced industry. News does not stop and there is always something to deliver to an audience. Typically, these promos and announcements need to be on air within a few hours. Finding a voice talent with quick turn around times is a must. Luckily, Kevin works from his own professional home studio, so getting a file back in a timely manner is a breeze. He makes your job hassle free with his quick returns and quality recordings.

News stations ultimately mirror life. There are happy, joyful events to promote, and, seemingly more often than not these days, terribly heartbreaking stories to deliver. It is imperative for the TV affiliate voice over to match the tone of the script. Being able to interpret and adapt to any script is the difference between a successful announcement and one that falls under the radar. Kevin Kilpatrick is not new to the voice over world. He has been acting since he was a child, and that is what really sets him apart from other voice actors. He knows how to act. When trying to adapt to a script, being able to empathize with the topic of a script is what yields a compelling read. These factors are not simple qualities just anyone can master. It takes experience and a passion for the genre. Kevin has decades of experience under his belt working for companies like Pepsi, PBS, and Verizon. He is passionate about his work, and has worked, and still works, with some of the top voice over coaches out there to always be at the top of his game. When you need a voice to set you apart from other stations, you cannot go wrong working with Kevin,

Connection and Community

The reason many people keep tuning in to the news is due to trust and loyalty. Why switch things up when the current method works great? Established trust makes keeping viewership easy, but how do you make that happen in the first place? It is all in the voice. You need a sound that invites people into the conversation and makes them feel a part of the dialogue. It is important for a viewer to be engaged and compelled to act or continue watching. This is where Kevin comes in. His smooth and friendly way of speaking makes people trust what he has to say. Paired with a great script, any announcement or promo thrown his way is sure to land. Kevin knows how to interact with people. He has always loved being the center of attention, so holding a crowd is a no brainer. When you need a voice that is compelling and versatile enough to deliver any message, Kevin is your guy.

Entertainment is Also a Part of the Equation

While trust keeps viewers coming back, what makes them want to stay for the entire duration of the show or promotion? Having the right voice for whatever the message is a handy tool to have in your pocket. The voice of your station needs to match your brand and deliver the tone of the announcements. No one wants to hear about the big game happening next weekend from someone who sounds like they don’t care. Invest in a voice that will be excited to talk about a local event, sounds heartbroken at the latest bad news, and is charming to the viewers when discussing the news schedule.

These elements make watching TV entertaining, and Kevin knows how to entertain. As the voice in a few videogames and host of his own podcast with tens of thousands of downloads, he knows what it takes to connect and put on a good show. His voice is warm and smooth, and he has the acting chops to provide a solid read every time that will absolutely keep your viewers’ attention. 

Skip the Hassle

The voice of your station is not a light matter. It needs careful consideration. What is your brand? What sort of news and events does your station talk about? What is your demographic and community? Make sure you hire an actor who can adapt to any script, as you will want the same voice for your station. Get somebody who can act so that you always entertain your audience. Keep in mind that experience does matter in order to meet deadlines and not worry about the quality of work.

Basically, just go with Kevin Kilpatrick. He is easy to work with and has the knowledge and talent to back it up. Why worry about the process, when Kevin is ready to quickly deliver quality work. He knows how to entertain an audience, keep their attention, and adapt to any situation. Not to mention his voice is pleasant to listen to as it is deep, bold, and warm. Skip the hassle and contact Kevin to be your TV affiliate voice over.