Radio Imaging

Radio Imaging

Kevin Kilpatrick – Radio Imaging

Radio is a wealth of content. From music to commercials and, of course, radio imaging.

Radio Imaging sounds complex, but it’s a very simple concept. It’s simply the voice you hear when it’s time to announce what is coming up next, or at the top of the hour when the station must broadcast their call sign to let listeners know what station they are tuned into. While the station may play a ton of music and broadcast many commercials, the radio imaging voice, in effect, becomes a sort of voice of the station. Therefore, you want a voice that connects with your audience and fits the vibe of your programming. The tone of these voiceovers may vary depending on the genre and target demographic, but this builds the platform on which your audience will remember your station.

Radio imaging is what sets you apart from the rest and keeps your audience tuning-in to your station for more. Every day of the year, thousands of people listen to your channel to hear their favorite music, as well as connect to radio personalities. With the right voice, you will be able to add a bit more joy and comfort to the listeners’ experience as tune in.

How to Make Radio Imaging Stand Out

Radio imaging is how you create your station’s specific brand. It makes the content stand out from other stations and is a great way to increase listener engagement. Building a loyal fan base does take time, but when you add the perfect voice for your radio imaging accompanied by some stellar, on brand sound effects, you will be able to create the perfect imaging that highlights the uniqueness of your station.

When it comes to crafting the right imaging for your station, consider  a combination of good script writing, sound effects, jingles, and voiceover. These elements make radio station promos and imaging worth listening to. It’s what builds a brand and keeps growing your audience. Although there is nothing visually available to keep the listener engaged, the power in capturing their attention all lies in good radio imaging. While the background music and writing are important, it’s the voice that ties it all together. This is where Kevin comes in. He will give your station the distinct spice you need to keep your listeners coming back for more.

It’s About Personality

Kevin started his path in radio as a senior in high school. He has always been finding ways to engage with an audience. With many different styles and trends out there, he prides himself on staying up to date on trends, and striving to learn what exactly keeps listeners tuned in. Kevin works overtime to keep things authentically engaging when it comes to speaking to your audience.

Radio imaging is the opportunity to be a personality for a radio station. Throughout the years, Kevin has had the privilege to do radio imaging for many different stations. If you can name it, he’s most likely done it! He has experience in most every format from sports and classic rock all the way to country! Kevin has the skills to deliver the tone you need for your station.

The style and delivery of Kevin’s voice overs contain so many great qualities. He is funny and outgoing, serious yet caring, and charmingly bright. When you are searching for a voice to carry your station, these are some of the main things you want to be searching for in talent. It’s the glue that holds your audience’s loyalty in the end.

Radio is Entertainment

From the early days when there wasn’t any television, audiences tuned in to hear stories, talking points, and good music. Not much has changed and keeping your audience captivated when their radio is on is not always an easy task. Having the right radio imaging for your station is the magic sauce in holding their attention.

One way to achieve this is by making them laugh. The power of laughter is a beautiful thing and it’s extremely contagious. When you bring a smile to your listener’s face with just a voice, you are in really good shape. Before long, your audience will be telling others about your station, and it will gain true supporters in no time. Having the right timing and skills needed to make people laugh however, does not come easy for everybody. Luckily, Kevin has the skills and experience in delivering a line that will crack up your audience with ease.

From Voiceover to Producer

Kevin is not only a talented voice actor, but he is also a highly skilled producer! He puts a lot of stock into his ability to go above and beyond to help your station get to the top. With nearly two decades spent in radio as a personality, production director, and program director, he is happy to provide his expertise in helping you with all your radio imaging needs.

With a full arsenal of tools at his disposal, including music, sound effects, artist drops, and more, Kevin is beyond capable of helping you create the perfect radio imaging piece for your station. He is also available to help write scripts that can really pack a punch for your audience. If you’re ready, then let’s start creating something your audience will remember! Make them feel at home when they tune in to your station, and contact Kevin today to get your radio imaging going in the right direction. Time is of the essence, and if you have a vision for your radio station that you need help bringing to life, Kevin is just the guy you need to make it happen.