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Kevin Kilpatrick – Documentary

Documentaries are a tricky thing. They deliver the truth, which can be hurtful and scary. However, the truth can also be inspiring, heartfelt, and always necessary. Not only are documentaries such a dynamic genre, but they also come with an emotional element most others do not. You spend months, even years, crafting an important story your audience deserves to learn about. Documentaries are more than just another ensemble of factoids over pictures on a sound bed. They’re an extension of the author; a piece of their energy, time, and care manifested in a physical way. As such, documentaries require a special type of voice to really get the point across and keep the audiences’ attention.

You want an experienced voice talent who knows how to handle this type of narration. No matter the topic of your documentary, bringing it to life with a voiceover that is not only genuine, but also sincere can be the difference between reaching as many eyes and ears as possible and getting stuck on someone’s “to watch later” list. While reaching your audience is important, the experience they have while watching should also be top of mind. Interpreting your script and evoking your intended feelings is no easy task. This is why you need a voice artist who is familiar with long form narration to ensure your story is told the way you expect for it to be heard.

With your carefully selected words and Kevin’s commanding, yet caring vocal style, you are sure to leave your viewers with the exact experience you want to create. His dynamic vocal range will leave a memorable impression on your viewers, keeping them glued to their seats to see what happens next.

What Really Matters in a Documentary Vo?

A compelling voice is the missing ingredient in a gripping documentary. It is the spice that gives the final zing to the story and gives the audience a true taste of the experience you are wanting them to see and hear.

The voice over can make or break the journey your audience takes while watching, so your voice talent needs to be a top priority as you create your art. With most documentaries lasting over 100 minutes, you want to be confident that your audience will stay engaged every step of the way. You work extremely hard to create appealing visuals and an engaging script for your audience, so ensuring you have a voice that can move your listeners along with your story is crucial.

Regardless of the topic for the documentary, it is the voice actor’s job to take the viewers on an unforgettable journey through the narrative you have taken months to research and create. As such, it is also the voice actor’s job to ensure the story does not stand still. It must flow consistently and naturally from one scene to the next. A good narrator, like Kevin, will be able to create emotions and responses in the audience while gaining their trust to lead them down the path they are meant to go within the story.

If done correctly, a professional voice over will be the final ingredient needed to grab and hold the attention of the viewer. With Kevin, you will get just that and more.

Different Documentaries, Different Moods

All Documentaries are different as they are an extension of the unique people who craft them. Whether historical, biographical or investigation, your voice over artist must be able to conform their voice to the specific mood of the story.

When you entrust a voice actor with a demanding project, you want to make sure they can give you a wide range of styles. Someone who is well versed in voice overs will not only be able to deliver a wide range of reading styles, but also be able to sustain a winning performance for the type of content you need delivered. Kevin will help set your show apart from the rest. His flexible vocals combined with his attention to detail give him an edge when it comes to perfecting your intended experience.

Why Work With Kevin?

With his broad range of acting skills and over 15 years of voice over experience under his belt, Kevin Kilpatrick is an obvious choice when you need a voice artist who is flexible, easy to work with, and just as passionate as you are about the project.

With Kevin’s extensive training as a stage and voice actor, he has a strong ability to tell a compelling story and hold a viewer’s attention. Whether you need a fatherly tone, matter-of-fact style read, or even a dark and powerful edge to engage viewers, Kevin has the voice you’ve been looking for. He knows how to build tension, lighten the mood, and, most importantly, educate an audience in a way that keeps them engaged and gains their trust. If you are ready to get started and add the last piece of the puzzle to your work, contact Kevin today to see how he can help bring your television documentary to full fruition.

A Voice You Can Learn From

There is a lot to be said when it comes to teaching, especially online. Finding the right talent to voice your e-learning programs is highly crucial. Depending on your goals, and who you are teaching, there are many different strategies when reading for each individual e-learning program.

Your voice over talent not only needs to be able to read longer forms of narration with ease, but also be able to understand and perform the role you are envisioning for your program. This is not only good for the listener, but also great in helping you achieve all of your KPIs and targets needed. Kevin is a male voiceover artist based in Nashville TN, a professional actor, skilled educator, and professional speaker who has the knowledge needed in making sure he delivers the results you need for your e-learning course.