Kevin Kilpatrick – Promo

“Coming up next….” “Don’t miss this exciting episode….” “Tonight at 8pm Central…”

Sound familiar?

These phrases and catchy slogans are called promos, and they are incredibly important not only for promoting a certain show or movie, but also for maintaining the integrity of a network’s brand. The job of a promo is to tell the audience what is coming up next, what part of a new episode is the highlight, or when the audience can catch the next rerun of their favorite show.

Promos act as commercials for the network. Depending on the type of content a network releases, the voice needs to match that energy in order to sell the content and keep viewers tuned in for more. From comedy and cartoons to thrillers and romance, oftentimes, the voice that tells you what is coming up next also becomes the fondly anticipated part of most everyone’s evening television routine.

All in the Voice

As the voice of the network, careful consideration should be given to who you trust to announce your content. Kevin Kilpatrick has decades under his belt in the world of voice over. He has trained with the best coaches and puts much stock in his ability to give a solid read. His versatility is his greatest strength, which is good for you as, regardless of the content, he can adapt his voice for any genre.

Need a bright happy voice for your children’s programming? Kevin is a kid at heart, and, as a father, he completely understands what keeps a kid’s attention. What about a brooding, deep tone for the horror marathon? Kevin grew up in the theatre. Acting comes naturally to him, so taking on a darker role is absolutely no problem.

On top of his adaptability, Kevin also just has the experience. As stated, he has been in the voice over realm for decades. He is well seasoned and has worked for top brands like Disney, National Geographic, REELZ and PBS. He is also versed in audio editing, so, from start to finish, Kevin guarantees professional quality work.

What Makes Your Promo Different?

Ultimately, the way to stand out from other networks is to invest in a quality voice. A great piece of script can only come to life when in the hands of someone who knows how to read it. How would you feel if, while watching the television, a monotone voice tells you about that exciting new episode? How might it sound if the voice is bright and funny when talking about a potential death in an upcoming season? Don’t leave such an important job to the wrong person.

When you want to stand out, get a voice that perfectly fits your vibe. Work with a voice artist you can trust. Kevin’s experience gives him a head start, and his talent makes every job he does successful. Let Kevin prove just how strong his vocal chops are and watch as your audience keeps coming back for more.

Elements of a successful Promo

A good promo consists of 3 things: a well written script, clever, eye-catching visual graphics, and stellar audio. The most important of these is the audio. Even a poor script can come to life with the right voice, and most people are only listening during commercials anyway. What you need to worry about is how well the music bed and sound effects are mixed and whether or not the voice of your promo is grabbing the audiences’ attention and getting them excited for what is to come. A promo that is successful will get the audience to keep watching, tune in next time, and invest their time in a new show. The way to do that is by getting them excited! A promo needs to instill a feeling of anticipation, and to do that, you need a voice that meshes well with the content. Luckily, Kevin can do just that. He knows how to capture someone’s attention, and has the vocal skill to keep them wanting more.

Working with Kevin

Kevin is, at his core, a friendly passionate guy. He takes great pride in his work, and he loves what he does. He is professional, courteous, and takes direction incredibly well. He is not new to this business and understands how fast this industry moves. With quick turnaround times, you are guaranteed to meet deadlines and get content out quickly. If you are ready to make a great promo that not only stays true to your brand, but also keeps your viewers excited for what is to come, contact Kevin!