Kevin Kilpatrick – Automotive

One of the leading industries in today’s economy is the automotive industry. Almost everyone needs a car whether for necessity or luxury. As such, with many competing dealers nearby, you want to make sure you grab the attention of your customer before anyone else quickly and efficiently.

New car models are released every year, commercials are constantly changing, and let’s not forget about all of those seasonal sales. This is a fast-paced industry, so you want to be sure you hire a voice talent who can speak clearly and quickly, with an authority that buyers won’t be able to ignore. That’s where Kevin comes in. He is a professional voice actor based in Nashville Tennessee with an extensive background in automotive voiceovers. His full-toned, decisive voice is commanding yet trustworthy, so you know customers will react in no time.

Kevin has always been a car guy. Alongside personal interest, his dad was also a diesel mechanic! This means Kevin had the opportunity to learn about all things auto. It’s safe to say he knows a thing or two about the automotive industry. This is an overlooked quality that gives Kevin an edge above the other voices when reading for your potential customers. He knows what he’s talking about as he has lived and breathed automotive all his life. This knowledge shows in all his reads.

Voiceover to Drive Your Automotive Brand

Automotive voice overs are in a class of their own. Cars, like people, have their own personalities, strengths, and weaknesses. A single dad of 3 has no practical need for a sports car, but that doesn’t mean it’s not a future bucket list buy. A wealthy, successful businesswoman probably doesn’t need a hatchback, but maybe she often goes on cross country trips. People are dynamic, and they require a car that fits their life and into their aesthetic. All this to say, you need to make certain you have a voice that communicates the message of your brand correctly. Whether you need a hard sell, a new sales offer, or are trying to entice your listener to come in and test drive your newest vehicle, a skilled voice-actor will personify every make and model specifically in your dealership.

Choosing a professional voice actor with a strong background in automotive is just smart business. This industry is incredibly fast paced, so you also need someone who responds quickly. If you want to reach your customers and make a true connection, having someone who knows how to engage with them, while also knowing what the heck you are talking about, is how you will be able to attract specific customers to your brand before that time window closes.


The hard work is done. You’ve figured out the target audience, written the script, and hired Kevin to be the voice. This is it, right? Not quite. This is the part where you need to start thinking about how to make your advertisement distinct from the hundreds of others on the radio, television or internet. To do this, consider the music, sound effects, and audio levels that mesh well with your intended tone, and ensure your ad is dynamite on television or the radio.

Don’t have any clue as to how all that works? No worries!

With an extensive background in audio editing and voicing over tens of thousands of car commercials, literally, Kevin knows what works and what doesn’t to make your ads shine in this booming market. He can promise a quality vocal performance alongside professional sound design.


There are many different styles when it comes to an automotive commercial, which means every voiceover needs to be tailored accordingly. Like most things in life, you should start from the ground up, find a solid foundation, and build from there. What better foundation is there than a versatile, dependable voice?

Whether you need a smooth, sexy read for a luxury vehicle brand, a friendly, happy tone for the family car, or even a rough, tough, and gritty delivery for your off-road Jeeps or trucks, Kevin can do it all. With your words and his voice, you’ll create the perfect ad for your brand in no time at all.

All in all, if you want a voice actor who can drive potential customers to your doors, fit any and every type of read you need, and has the knowledge to deliver the copy accurately, then Kevin has got you covered on all fronts. 


 Kevin really does it all. With a personal love for cars, he has the specific auto knowledge to deliver a message. He knows what sells, and his combination of talent and insight give him the unique ability to more than keep up with this fast-paced culture without sacrificing quality.

His voice is adaptable, meaning he slots perfectly into any type of ad you produce. Also, speaking of production, Kevin has the insider know-how for mixing and mastering the audio itself to help your commercial stand out.

It’s time to accelerate your brand and take your commercials to an entirely new level. Contact Kevin today to chat about your next automotive ad.