Commercial Demos


Kevin Kilpatrick – Commercial

You’ve spent countless hours creating the perfect commercial for your product or brand. As such, making certain you grab your audience’s attention quickly is extremely crucial. Typically, you only have a matter of seconds to hook a listener, so by adding a voice over that your consumer can relate to, you’ll get exactly the reaction you want. 

When it comes to representing your product, you shouldn’t settle for just any voice you come across. You want a commercial that will inspire, motivate, and hold your audience’s attention from the beginning to the very end. You should strive to leave your listeners inspired, motivated, and wanting to know more about your product and services.

How do you accomplish that? With the right voice talent, of course! If you are searching for a powerful yet charming voice to get the job done, then you’ve found the right guy. Whether your script calls for a humorous, friendly conversation or a warm, inviting tone, Kevin can help you get exactly what you need from every read.

Ads That Sell

There are many moving parts when it comes to creating the perfect commercial. From writing a script that sells and finding the right music, to creating prominent visuals and choosing appropriate sound effects, every little detail needs to be given careful consideration. This is all to make sure you are making a successful ad that speaks to your audience properly.

You want your ad to be top notch in the end, which is why no stones should be left unturned when crafting your commercial. The truth is, you can’t move your audience if all the pieces are not in place, so it is important to ensure everything fits exactly how you imagine.

What is the final piece of that perfect commercial puzzle? Choosing the right voice talent to complete the job. In today’s fast paced world, making sure your message grabs the attention of the listener is essential, so get a voice actor who is compelling, convincing, and dynamic.

Luckily, Kevin has all that and more. He is that missing link you are searching for in your journey to create the perfect commercial for your ideal consumer.

Smooth, Friendly Voice Over Your Audience Can Trust

There are so many ads that bombard consumers in today’s marketplace from the moment they wake up to the very moment they close their eyes. With ads running every time you look at your computer, phone, or television set, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed as a listener. Therefore, it is of utmost importance to make sure your audience is instinctively feeling something when they hear or see your commercial.

How is this achieved? Through the right tone and emotion portrayed through a professional VO. Talking at people is easy but talking TO them is another story. If you are looking to truly communicate with your listeners, a good voice actor will be able to emote exactly what your audience needs to hear. Not only does the consumer need to trust the voice they are listening to, but they must also be sold on the product as well. When you have a voice talent that can execute a script effectively, such as enunciating properly and emphasizing key words, you are setting yourself up for a successful ad. These key factors will help compel your audience to buy your product after your commercial has ended.

Connect With Your Audience

It’s all about making a strong connection with your listener or viewer. Nobody likes to be yelled at or told what to do. But when a connection is made with your audience, and they walk away feeling a sense of emotion, you have just created a relation that they truly won’t forget.

In the end, it is all about gaining the viewers’ trust. And whether it’s for a 15, 30 or 60 second commercial, it is the voice talent’s job to make sure you achieve just that. Time is crucial and it  takes less than a second to lose a listener or viewer.

Kevin will always carefully craft your message geared towards each listener with precision. Whether in a tough but truthful style or a caring, fatherly tone, your message will consistently hit home with your listeners if Kevin is the voice they hear.

Break Past the Noise of Today’s Society

In a world full of constant distractions, you want to be sure the consumer is going to be fully engaged in your commercial. The tiniest little thing can distract a viewer, which is why it is incredibly important to have the right voiceover.

If you are ready to create a commercial that will speak directly to your audience and make a lasting impression, Kevin can be the voice talent to make that happen. With a quick turnaround,

over 18 years of experience in the radio industry, and 15+ years as a professional working voice actor, Kevin understands what makes a successful commercial and how to help communicate your message from beginning to end.

He is ready to help your commercial stand out from the others, and propel your audience to take action to buy or contact your company after hearing your ad. If you are ready to work with Kevin, reach out for a chat. He is looking forward to helping you achieve all your goals in creating an ad that sells.