Local Commercials and Why They are Not Working

There has been a shift in the way television commercials format their advertisements. Big companies like Apple and Coke have started a trend where an entire 30 second commercial could have absolutely no voice over save for a short tag at the very end. The sale relies on stunning visuals and complimentary music to keep […]

I’ve Got the Voice, so How do I Get People to Listen?

Concepts like “tough”, “hard”, and “difficult” are incredibly subjective. What one person sees as a hurdle, is, to another, just a small stone on an otherwise flat path. It takes many different tools in your belt to succeed in Voice Over. For starters, another common term for the career is Voice Actor because the main […]

Getting Into Voiceover

On average, I’m asked about “getting into voiceover” once a month. First of all, unless you have a serious speech impediment or thick accent, ANYONE has the ability to do voiceovers – any age, any gender. Actually, even if you had a thick accent, you could still do some VO work. Seriously, it’s really not […]